Signs of Spring

I had this idea back in 2020 but didn’t do anything with it because I don’t know how to make this easy–anyway, if you would like to send me a photo and description of a sign of spring in your area-please do. You can do it through the contact form or just email it to me at spike3116@gmail-com and I’ll upload it here. I would love to have photo documentation of the changes as they happen every spring. I’m somewhat lame with website organization, so if anyone has an easier way for me to do this than through the above form–please let me know!.

Skunk Cabbage at the south end of York Pond, Rocky Hills Preserve, Eliot ME. 4/17/20 Note the purple spathes of the flowers at the base of the leaves.
This is a close up of the spadix–the flower of the skunk cabbage. You can see parts of the flower sticking out from the pulpy jigsaw-like complex of the spadix.
American Wintergreen Pyrola americana 4/17/20 Stubbs Marsh North Berwick
Downy rattlesnake plantain Goodyera pubescens 4/17/20 Stubbs Marsh North Berwick ME
Red Maple flowers Acer rubrum 4/18/20 Little River North Berwick
Trailing arbutus Epigaea repens Rocky Hills Preserve Eliot ME 4/17/20