Nature News Archives 2012-2020

Here are as many of my past nature columns (published through and in various local newspapers-The Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily, The York Weekly and the York County Coast Star–as I have time to upload.

Angelica an Icelandic (& New England) beauty-attracts pollinators! August 2, 2021

Step into your backyard and listen for ovenbirds June 1, 2020

Sweet Fern June 8, 2020

Ice is Magic February 5, 2020

Join the Clam Recruitment Network Jan 29 2020

All you need is about 6 inches of snow to allow the subnivean space to form

In winter’s cold, the subnivean zone is abuzz Jan 21 2020

Dryads, Forests and Climate Change Jan 15 2020

Chickadees Dec 25 2019

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers April 2019

Downy Woodpeckers April 2019