Signs of Spring

My goal with this post is to track signs of spring in the Southern Maine/Seacoast area. Anyone who wants to contribute, please do. Upload sightings and photos to the comments and I will add them to this list. I plan to organize by date but will also include general locations so I can get a sense of where these sightings are happening relative to my location (North Berwick, Maine).

Skunk Cabbage at the south end of York Pond, Rocky Hills Preserve, Eliot ME. 4/17/20 Note the purple spathes of the flowers at the base of the leaves.
This is a close up of the spadix–the flower of the skunk cabbage. You can see parts of the flower sticking out from the pulpy jigsaw-like complex of the spadix.
American Wintergreen Pyrola americana 4/17/20 Stubbs Marsh North Berwick
Downy rattlesnake plantain Goodyera pubescens 4/17/20 Stubbs Marsh North Berwick ME
Red Maple flowers Acer rubrum 4/18/20 Little River North Berwick
Trailing arbutus Epigaea repens Rocky Hills Preserve Eliot ME 4/17/20